GoPro Hero3+ Black Faceplate - no buttons

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Our Price: $19.99

Manufacturer: GoPro

Features and Description

This is a brand new GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition Face Plate.

This faceplate is missing the power button cover & both LED covers. This faceplate was removed off a brand new Hero3+ camera that was used for a ribcage modification, which does not need the faceplate; only the LED & power button covers.

You can pop out both of the LED pieces of your old faceplate & use a sharp object to detach the power button cover, to put them in this faceplate. We use a razor blade or an exacto knife to separate the power button cover from the faceplate. The LED covers & the power button cover should lay into the new faceplate perfectly & should not move around once the camera is put back together.

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