Sony W/Ribcage Backbone Mod rcrx0 Micro 4/3 1" Sensor Camera

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Our Price: $1,299.99

Manufacturer: RageCams
Model: rcrx0

Features and Description
Back-Bone Gear & Interchangeable Lenses For The Sony RX0

At a glance, the Sony RX0 looks like a stripped down RX100 so that it would fit into a GoPro sized hole. Looking at the spec sheet, however, you begin to realize that in typical Sony fashion nothing is held back. Dropping a 1-inch sensor in the RX0 Sony has separated itself from the pack; add to this multi-camera ability for easy VR capture and 360 content.

While the new Sony action camera might offer better lowlight performance than competing 1/2.3″ counterparts, many potential users feel as though the 24mm fixed lens mitigate any potential advantage. The Canadian company Back-Bone Gear hopes to tap into the potential of the RX0 with their custom modifications.

Specializing in producing modifications for action cameras, such as GoPro cameras or Yi cameras, Back-Bone Gear’s latest venture called the Ribcage RX0 adds a Micro Four-Thirds lens mount to Sony’s action camera.

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