ACH-ARC Airsoft Helmet Mount For ContourROAM ROAM3 Contour HD PL

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Model: rc-chdach1

Features and Description
This is the ACH-ARC mount adapter(Length 1-5/16", Width 3/4", High 7/16")for the Contour series of video cameras.
It allows you to install your Contour bulletcam to your Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) with the Accessory Rail Connector (ARC). This mount adapter is compatible with the following Contour models:
1) ContourROAM
2) Contour ROAM2
3) Contour ROAM3
4) CoutourHD
5) Contour+2
6) Contour+2 HD
7) Contour+
Contour action camera used for illustration of this Contour Action Cam ACH-ARC Mount Adapter are not included.

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