Battery For MyVu MA-0495 Solo Plus PMV-1010u video glasses

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Our Price: $44.99

Manufacturer: RageCams
Model: rc-mvspbat

Features and Description
Replacement Internal Battery For MyVu MA-0495 Solo Plus PMV-1010u video glasses.

1-New long life battery fit for myvu glasses. We had these batteries custom made because we bought a big batch of the glasses & all the batteries were totally dead.

Bought a myvu solo brand new on ebay or amazon for cheap?

Or have an old myvu solo/plus that wont power on?

Very common problem, your not alone!

You must be sure that only the battery is dead, & the glasses do indeed work for this to work out. But 99% of the time its a dead battery as the glasses are rarely defective. We can do this install for you if you wantfor 20.00 extra & we can test the glasses before we charge you to repair them.

This will work for the solo, solo plus, ma0495 ma-0495, PMV-1010u, 858649004954

Myvu video glasses not included in this deal. Always try to use a 1 amp charger or higher for best charging results on the myvu pendant, which we carry a car lighter, wall plug & battery pack extended power supply for mobile use, which we can add to your order if you are interested.

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