Contour Mic 2.5mm Angled Plus/Plus2 Ion Air Pro1/2 Spypoint Audi

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Our Price: $49.99

Manufacturer: RageCams
Model: RC-CH2PL2

Features and Description
Right Angled Lapel/ Body Microphone with 10 foot cable for the Ion air pro1 & pro2(will not work for the pro3), Spy point excel, Drift Mini Stealth, Contourplus & Contourplus2, cameras which uses a 2.5mm micinput.

Elbow plug right angled body Microphone with 10 foot cable for attached. We can virtually make it any length you want, just contact us and ask for a special order:) Additional charges may apply.


3 different unique mounts & removable windscreen. Excellent sound quality from this beast, much better than the internal mic. Full money back guarantee including your return shipping charges if your not happy.

We also offer this mic with a longer cable extension & shorter cable if needed, please tell us your needs.


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