Contour Elastic Headband Holder Head Mount

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Our Price: $64.99 $25.00

Manufacturer: Contour
Model: rc-eHHC

Features and Description

The ContourHD Elastic Headband Mount is a hi-quality skull head strap that fits like a glove. If you have an application where you do not need or want to wear a helmet, but you still want to film hands free video, this headband mount will do the trick. It's great for use on a jet ski, sea doo, roller coaster, for a police officer, an investigator, an inspector, at concerts, sporting events, in surveillance, bike riding, beach fun, tennis, fishing, family vacation, extreme sports, or any activity!

The slide record switch and the straps do not interfere with the slider!

NOTE: This mount will also fit nice around a baseball cap and can be used on helmets.

Not in original packaging. Brand new. Came in the outdoor mounts kit.

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