Features and Description
Q: What is the biggest difference between a bullet style helmet cam and the ATC as far as clarity & video quality? They both record at 30fps with a 640x480 resolution, so would that mean they both are the same?
A: The quality of the camera and video are the biggest differences. The ATC cameras have a CMOS Camera (cell phone type camera) approximately 420 resolution (intended to be used for teens), while our bullet cameras feature resolutions up to 550 resolution with Sony CCD Sensors. Using a camera with a CCD sensor will provide you with much better video quality far superior to that of any toy camera. If you’d like to know the difference between CCD and CMOS, you can read more about them in our How To Guides section.

Also, all of our bullet cameras are extremely durable. They also come with a separate microphone, so that you can place it anywhere, whereas the mic in the ATC is located under the screw on cap, which makes the sound muffled, if you do not use it without the cap on.

Q: What is the FOV of each the ATC2K, the ATC3K, and the ATC5K?
A: The Field of View (FOV) of the ATC5K is 53 degrees, the ATC3K is 48 degrees, while the ATC2K is 42 degrees. Hence, the ATC5K can capture a broader view when comparing it with the ATC3K and ATC2K.

Q: What is the main difference between these models?
A: The ATC5K is the newest model and features an on/off remote, and a small LCD display screen so that you can view your videos right after they record and also use it to properly aim your camera. The ATC3K and ATC5K can now also accept up to a 4GB SD Card. However, if you are looking for the best valued camera, then don't overlook the ATC2K as it's recent price drop has made this an easy buy!

Q: Are these cameras water resistant?
A: Yes, these cameras have been tested to withstand up to 3 meters or 10ft of water without malfunctioning. You can view actual footage of this camera under our footage section.

Q: How many FPS and how long will I be able to record?
A: 32MB, or onboard memory
VGA 30FPS = 52s, 15FPS = 1min 20s
QVGA 30FPS = 1min 36s, 15FPS = 3min 14s
QQVGA 30FPS = 5min, 15FPS = 11min 10s

VGA 30FPS = 60min, 15FPS = 96min
QVGA 30FPS = 114min, 15FPS = 230min
QQVGA 30FPS = 356min, 15FPS = 794min

4GB (ATC3K & ATC5K Only)
Double the 2GB Specs

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