Gopro HD Hero3 Hero 3 hd3 black Super Modified with Night Vision

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Our Price: $899.00

Manufacturer: GoPro
Model: RC-hd3mnv

Features and Description
Well finally its here, & modded exclusively from RageCams.

Complete kit with all the black accessories that normally are included.

you get to keep the stock lens & you also will get the night lens 3.6mm. Fits in the waterproof case perfectly

The hd3 is the best camera possibly for its size the world has ever seen. We offer non fish eye, narrow zoomed in, & also panoramic view lenses for this monster. We cater to your needs, just tell us your application and we can help. We can mod the black, silver & white editions for your application. Includes all the mounts from the black edition, wifi remote, bonus lens cap protector & waterproof case housing. Pick your best nv lens and we will install it for you. You will always be able to change lenses on the fly after this mod is done to your camera so you can twist back in the original lens that is also included in the deal.

You can choose 2 lenses to fit your needs, the 3.6mm or 2.8mm wide angle lenses are the most popular for this option. However if you choose the 2.8mm (155 degrees), when used in the waterproof case it will have some darkened corners. When used outside the case the 2.8mm is of highest quality available with perfect full screen video in all modes

3.6mm is the widest we have that fits in the waterproof case & gets full screen video in all modes, & appx 135 degrees semi fish eye.

Also we have a 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm.

5.4mm semi wide will cost extra due to higher quality and different mod needed, but is best for day use. the 2.8mm and 3.6mm are the best we have to offer for wide angle IR sensitive and both fit in the waterproof case.


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