Gopro HD Hero3+Modified 5.4mm FPV RC Flat Lens PKG 2yr warr

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Our Price: $649.99

Manufacturer: GoPro
Model: RC-CHDHX-302/54

You must remove the rear foam piece from your waterproof case for the 5.4mm lens to fit correctly inside
Features and Description
Full 2 year warranty through ragecams

Authentic Hero3+ Black with 5.4mm lens highest quality, not a knockoff

You may ask why not just use the gopro de-fish software instead of changing the lens?

Answer: The correction tools in GoPro Studio 2.0 removing the fisheye will twist the edge of the video to even worse. Every time you yaw your helicopter it will make a very hard and narrow point of movement and the edge will be strange. That is the reason most customers replace the original with the 5.4 mm flat lens from Ragecams.

Watch in 1080p aerial view filmed by John Garrett

Special thanks to Tom Keegan he has posted four links to his Dropbox with short video clips of the exact same scene. These clips are right out of the camera with NO post-processing of any kind to show exactly how this lens compares to the original GoPro lens. You can download these original files & play them side by side to do your own comparisons.

Clip #1: New 5.4mm 10MP lens at approx. 70 degree FOV.

Clip#2: Original lens at Narrow-90 degree FOV.

Clip #3: Original lens at Medium-1278 degree FOV.

Clip#4: Original lens at Wide-170 degree FOV.

Note that these clips were taken on 12-16-13 in New Jersey, USA, about 2 hours before sunset.

Very special thanks to Armin Hinz for this aerial fpv copter video using the 5.4mm RageCams mod on the Gopro HD HERO3 Black.


Well the genius's at go pro did it again, as if their view was not wide enough before, now the fish eye is even larger than before like a river monster view! So RageCams is at it again with the raddest lens mods available!

In stock now

FULL PKG BRAND NEW WITH Bonus HDMI cable also included so you can experiment with your focus on a big screen hd tv!! You will also get the stock lens so you can interchange the lenses as needed just by simply threading the lenses in and out while focusing, & with a small silver marker dot at 12:00 assures you will be in focus without having to use a monitor every time you change lenses. You will be able to also macro focus any of our lenses on this new hero3plus model, & older hero3 white version as the threads start closer to the top of the lens holder so no ring mod is needed for this newer plus model, only the hero2 & hero3 black & silver need the ring mod.

Interseted in night vision for your gopro??


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