Helmet Camera Kit Buying Guide - Which CAMERA is right for me?

Features and Description

What you should know before you buy a helmet camera from anyone
We sell all types of brands and models, so the best camera for you may be different than your friends. The first thing to ask yourself is what size camera you'd like, where do you plan to mount it, and what is the FOV (field of view) of the lens on the camera, so that you can get the correct shot you're looking for. Lens flexibility is critical. Specialty lenses produce desired scenes matching the range you are looking for, giving your video the professional look. Stuntcams cameras allow you to change lenses and we also carry the most lenses anywhere!

What type of helmet camera is right for me?

We sell several different cameras for all types of activities. Each camera has its own unique qualities. All of our StuntCam (bullet style) cameras require you to use a camcorder with AV Inputs or one of our recorders (DVR’s) to record the footage. We also carry several models that can record directly to SD card and now in HD quality as well! Now onto a brief description of each of our cameras to help you decide.

Wired Cameras (DVR Necessary)

Sony Mini 480 Resolution Camera (5V)
This camera is our first camera with a quick disconnect and it's only 5 Volts instead of 12 Volts, like our other cameras, so it only requires half the power! A 4AA battery pack will power the camera and the inline microphone.

Sony 520 Resolution Camera
An oldie but a goodie! This was our first model that our users fell in love with. This model features 2 power leads, perfect for using a wireless transmitter with! If you plan to purchase this camera, we also recommend the special EFX KA remote and the polarized filters.

Sony 540 Resolution Total Control Ex-View Camera
The latest greatest camera that is taking over the market! This camera actually allows you to fine tune every possible camera setting with an on-screen menu. Control Freaks - finally a camera with everything you ever wanted in a bullet camera that won't break the bank!

Sony Mini 550 Resolution Camera (5V or 12V)
This is our newest camera to our lineup. The smallest high resolution bullet camera that is great in low light! This bullet camera is nearly half the size of all of our other cameras and provides crystal clear video just like our other models. If size is a factor, then this is the camera for you!

Sony 550 Resolution Varifocal Camera
The first of it's kind! This is the only camera on the market that you can adjust the view (zoom in/zoom out) by simply twisting the barrel of the camera. If you want multiple views, wide angles and close-ups, without the hassle of changing lenses, then this model will serve you right. This model is slightly larger and heavier than our other models but the features are well worth it!

All In One Cameras (No DVR Necessary)

Contour Helmet Cameras
The Contour line has several different models and tons of different mounts to fit your budget. Special features include GPS features to your actual location, speed and elevation! It records excellent video and audio, however it does not currently allow you to change lenses. Many different mounts and accessories are available, including polarized filters.

GoPro HD 1080p & GoPro 2 Camera
The GoPro 1080p is another great high definition wireless camera that is very popular. GoPro 2 is now also available which will be the first camera to support Wifi. Many different mounts and accessories are available, including polarized filters and different lenses for many applications, including night vision lenses!

Bullet HD 1080P Camera
The Bullet HD cameras, PRO, LITE and HD models, are one of the smallest cameras on the market! Three different models with lens options, completely waterproof, and fire resistant. Need we say more?

DriftHD 1080p Camera & Drift HD Mini
The DriftHD is the ONLY high definition 1080p camera that has night mode, and 4X zoom, which makes it ideal for hunters and other applications where a wide angle is not desired. The Drift HD Mini is now available and is actually 1/4 the size, making it the smallest camera with LCD on the market, plus wireless on/off remote

Replay XD 1080p Camera
Another tiny HD camera with a ton of extra menu options and HDMI support for a live video feed to send to a wireless receiver or to playback videos. Extremely lightweight and durable and able to record @ 60FPS!

Metal Fire FC3 Camera
Our newest and smallest camera that takes great video and is now available in wide angle. This camera is great for firefighters because of its small size and metal alloy shell which is rated for high temperatures. The double nylon sleeve is all you'll need to mount this right to your helmet as well.

AT3K Camera
The ATC records to an SD card and it’s very easy to setup and to mount as it has no wires. This camera is very popular with teens and amateurs. The product contains everything you will need, except the additional storage card SD, which we also sell. The ATC allows you to record directly to an SD card, although the footage appears to be closer to 320X240, rather than the claim of 640X480 resolution. This camera may seem to be the best solution, however the lens in this camera is a CMOS sensor, which is the same type of camera that is used in cell phones. To read more about the differences between a CCD sensor and a CMOS sensor, please see our Truth about Resolution Guide. To view the differences between these 2 model cameras, please view our ATC Guide.

Additional Info

Connecting your Wired Camera
If you have a camcorder that accepts Audio/Video inputs, it's a simple plug and play with any of our StuntCams. View our Camcorder Compatibility List to see if your camcorder has this option. If you don’t have a camcorder, but still want the best footage possible, we recommend any of our High-Res DVR products for DVD quality footage.

5 Volt vs. 12 Volt - Which one is right for me?
Customers have demanded lighter weight kits, and we've delivered! A 5V camera is powered by 4AA batteries in a sealed battery pack with on/off switch - perfect for helmet camera users! 12V cameras also still provide a purpose. They are still the most widely used and they will work with all of our rechargeable battery packs, while the 5V camera will only work with the standard 4AA pack. Customers that plan to wire this camera to a car or motorcycle will also require the 12V model to power the camera.

Now that you've selected your camera, you may need a recorder as well. If your camera requires a recorder, view our Helmet Camera Kit Buying Guide - Which RECORDER is right for me?

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