DJI Inspire 5.4mm Mod Conversion Flat Lens & Night Vision Svc

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Manufacturer: RageCams
Model: rc-inspsvc

Features and Description

You must mail us your camera so we can mod it for you.

Once again RageCams has done another unique mod to the DJI Inspire camera allowing interchangeable lenses to be used for many different applications. The 5.4mm rectilinear flat lens was designed for a little tighter view than the stock lens, & has better color, sharper quality, & will not have not warped edges in photos or videos.

We insure our work 100% also, but you need to be sure that before you send in your camera that there is nothing wrong with it as we will fully test each camera that we receive before doing any work on it.

We are a trusted company & have been modding & repairing action cameras long before anyone else ever thought of it.

DJI now is making these cameras available to the public without having to buy a new inspire copter, so in all reality, you could have 2 or multiple cameras already rigged up with the lens of your choice depending on your job, which the cameras just pop on and off easily & lock in, kind of like our lenses would interchange while in the field.

DJI will be offering a handheld option for portable use gimbal/power for the inspire camera that can also be used on the copters. You can still use the threaded filters also & since the new lens is a little bit lighter weight, it may allow you to use other after market threaded 37mm filters, we have not fully tested this theory yet, but should work just fine.

The foam ring around the lens bezel is there for dust protection & to fill the gap giving a professional appearance. It can easily be popped out to giving you access to interchange other lenses in this beast!

At the time of service you can request us to pre-focus & mate lenses to your camera so when you thread them in, they get tight when they hit focus & a tiny mark on the lens at 12:00 will confirm perfect infinity focus. You can also use stronger zoom lenses for land surveying, inspections & more zoomed in tele-photo video to meet everyone's needs.

The lenses will simply thread in and out just like a screw would.


With the crisp live video out feed the inspire has, its pretty easy to change out and focus our lenses if you decide to buy others at a later date & want to set them up for a focal point to meet your needs. Our lenses will not affect the weight of the gimbal either. After this mod, you will not be able to use the stock lens anymore, so we offer a trade in on your stock lens for a 2nd lens of your choice or a discount off the 5.4mm or other lens mod. Please ask us if you have ?'s about this mod & lens choice for your application.

We offer super fish eye lenses from 1.19mm, 1.4mm, 2.5mm & also interchangeable 4.2mm, 5.4mm & 7.2mm highest quality flat lenses. We also have great quality 8,12,16,25mm and 50mm fixed zoom lenses & we can pre-focus them to infinity on your camera or a camera bought directly from us at the time of purchase by putting a dot at 12:00 on the lens so you can easily thread in & out & dial in the focus on the lenses easily without having to guess if your in perfect focus out in the Field.

Simply confirm focus by using the HDMI out feed from the remote control, a fpv small lcd monitor, or you can use the wifi app direct connect on your phone or tablet to confirm focus.

This is very handy if you want more zoom, or a low light lens for sunset, or night time as you can switch it out with a night lens that really lets in light but colors in the daytime will be faded.

So in all reality you could have multiple lenses that you can easily interchange yourself which simply thread in & out like a screw & you or we can prefocus them for you by marking a small sharpie dot on the outer bezel of the lens at 12:00 mating it to the inspire camera which will always confirm perfect infinity focus. If you twist the lens counterclockwise you can macro focus up close on objects from 1 inch away, but anything after that will be blurry. You can also film a person 3-4ft away & blur out the back ground making it focus more on the object you want to film. To set the lens back to infinity simply turn it clockwise setting the dot back at 12:00.

Please note if you try to put a marked pre-focused lens in a different inspire camera the focus dot may not always line up at 12:00 for perfect focus so you would need to re-dial it in when using any lens on a different camera.

We offer a night lens with slip on day filter that will make it a quicker conversion for you depending on the lens you have installed.

If you send us your camera, what we do is put a totally new lens on your camera. We have some extreme zoom high quality lenses that will do the job for reading small numbers or viewing structural damage. The lead time is 1-2 days after we receive your camera to do the mod, or if you want a camera from us modded please ask before ordering as sometimes stock is limited. We normally suggest a 16 or 25mm lens for inspection applications.

We have been selling many of these for inspections lately and everyone has been very happy with the mods.

The extreme fixed zoom lenses are adjustable for focus either close up or longer range & are marked with a dot on the outer bezel of the lens at 12:00 for infinity or 9:00 for within 15ft range extreme close up. the lens can simply be hand turned to adjust proper focus. Its very easy to do on the fly.

Below shows a night time low light flight with our IR lens.


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