License Plate Camera AHD+TVI+CVI+CVBS 5-50mm Lens 1080p

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Manufacturer: RageCams
Model: RC-LPRC700/HD-ANPR205IV8G

Features and Description
YOUR DVR MUST SUPPORT AHD AT 1080p For the 1080P camera to work with a 960h dvr, you need to switch it to CVBS in the menu settings on the camera. This camera will not work on older analog systems! FULLY TESTED BEFORE SHIPPING TO YOU AND ALL THE SETTINGS PROGRAMMED FOR DAY AND NIGHT LICENSE PLATE CAPTURE. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS MOUNT THE CAMERA & ADJUST YOUR ZOOM & FOCUS MANUALLY & THAT'S IT! 5-50MM MANUAL ZOOM LENS


YOU MUST USE GOOD QUALITY CABLE, TRUE RG59U 18/2 OR BETTER, NOT CHEAP CHINA CRAP, OR THIS CAMERA WILL NOT WORK LIKE IT SHOULD! BRAND NEW MODEL PROVEN EFFECTIVE IN ALL LIGHTING CONDITIONS CUSTOM DESIGNED BY RAGECAMS. PAL & NTSC IN STOCK Supports AHD+TVI+CVI+CVBS full 1080p CAPTURE PLATES IN HARSH LIGHTING ENVIRONMENTS & AT HIGH SPEEDS UP TO 70MPH IN PITCH DARKNESS. OUR BEST HD CAMERA TO DATE FOR THIS APPLICATION. BEST TO USE YOUR DVR IN THE HIGHEST QUALITY SETTING AND HIGHEST FRAME RATE FOR BEST RESULTS. SIMPLY ZOOM IT IN ON THE AREA A CAR WOULD BE ENTERING OR EXITING: EASILY CATCH TO LANES OF TRAFFIC WITH THIS BEAST! The DVR has to catch the car in a frame, so 30 fps is preferred with highest resolution setting on your DVR. PLEASE READ THIS BELOW: Turn on blc for the bright license plates, turn on 2dnr for a clear license plate, and the shutter rate is at 1000 at lower rate it is to bright & higher rate it's to dark & a lot of noise, & best to zoom the camera lens in as tight as you can & adjust focus so its sharp. We have sold this type camera to UK, USA and Australia in quite a large amount, the customers are satisfied with the performance, so we are quite confident that this ALPR camera works great. BUT, please note here's a big but, ALPR camera is unlike the regular cameras, the most important function of this camera is to catch the license plates, nothing else is important, but the license plate is moving, under different speed (fast or slow), under different light conditions (day and night, sunny day or rainy day etc.), these will all affect the image heavily, any slight change may affect the final image. So we should do whatever we could to find the best spot for the camera (certain angle, distance, lens focus, shutter speed etc.), there's way less spots than regular camera for us to install the camera properly. Please understand how important the installation spot is:

1) The camera needs to be pointed to license plate straight on if possible for best results, otherwise the image can come out doubled but still have the plate# captured

2) The number plate shows as big as it can on the monitor, and try to make it in the middle of the monitor.

3) Proper data setting, because the camera will be installed in different situation, we will adjust the setting based on the real environment. Can't see the license plate, why? It's overexposed.

Because the camera is not pointed to the license plate straightly, and it's quite small in the image, this is the most important reason to cause overexpose, because there's too many different objects in the image other than a car with license plate, the ISP calculates the exposure based on the whole image so it's not the best exposure to the license plate.

5. What should we do?

1) Move the camera to a spot in front of the car, don't fix it aside to the car this is the most important!

2) Install the camera a little bit higher so it's not directly to the headlight in night and there's not too much sunlight reflection in day.

3). Let's say we will catch the license plate in around 8-10 meters, we couldn't catch the plate all the time in different distance, so we need to find the best distance. Then we adjust the lens to maximum (40-50mm).

After this step, every vehicle passing the 8-10 meter line will show its license plate in the middle of the image as large as possible, the car will occupy the most part of the image, there shouldn't be too many other objects in the image to affect the ISP calculating.

4.1) We try the electronic shutter to "Auto", "1/120 sec" or "1/200sec" to find which setting is the best, because the setting should be different if the car speed is different, we tested here in the factory that "Auto shutter speed" is enough to handle speed less than 40km/h, so we assume that "Auto shutter speed" works in low traffic, please try "AUTO" first, if it doesn't work well, we will try fixed electronic shutter speed "1/120 or 1/200".

4.2) If we use fixed shutter speed "1/120 or 1/200", there might be some chance that the image is too bright at night, then we should adjust the AGC smaller so please try 4 or 5 for AGC), and then adjust "Brightness" less to make the image darker.

4.3) You should set up as shown "2D DNR OFF", "3D DNR OFF", "WDR OFF".





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