RCA Lyra x2400 AV Input Video Recorder LCD (512MB)

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Model: rc-x2400

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Features and Description
Record color video and stereo audio from a surveillance camera, cable box, satellite, x-box, playstation etc.

Will not work with thermal cameras or night vision scopes

The Lyra is a great portable media player and video recorder with a 3.5" LCD screen, integrated speakers, a compact flash (CF) memory card slot and a 512MB CF memory card which can store up to 2 hours of video on the lowest resolution setting. The rechargeable lithium-polymer battery can provide up to 7 hours of playback/recording on a single charge. The battery is also detachable, allowing you to carry a spare battery for when you need more than 7 hours of life from your player.

The player is fully compatible with both Windows and Macintosh computers with USB 2.0 connections, letting you download media to your player regardless of the operating platform that you use.

Right Angle AV Cable - Now Available! Protect your DVR's AV input with our NEW 4ft right angle AV in/out cable! This DVR comes with a standard straight AV cable that can easily be damaged if you were to bump it too hard. The AV ports on all DVR's are very sensitive and if damaged you will not be able to record any videos! Save yourself the trouble and upgrade to the right angle cable to prevent this and to streamline the cable flush against the DVR.

• AC Power Adapter
• 512 CF Memory Card
• USB Cable
• AV Cable
• Headphones
• Key Ring
• Battery Pack
• Software CD and User Manual
• 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

This player supports - Video: MPEG-4 / Music: MP3, WMA, DRM-WMA, WAV, Audible and PlaysForSure content / Images: JPEG, Bitmap, TIF, GIF and PNG.

Operating Tips:
Plug the 1/8" male 3-way red, white, yellow av cable into the av input jack, then select video recorder on the menu display. Press the wheel on the side in to turn the built in speaker on or off, you will want to make sure it is off; this will make it so your mic does not feedback. Now, turn it back on when you want to play back audio/video clips. Follow the color coded cable, yellow is video, and red & white is left/right audio. Use the output jack (same cable) to display video on any TV set that has av inputs & be sure you move the switch on the back of the Lyra to the TV setting. You may also use the usb cable to drop & drag files onto your computer.


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