MyVu Solor Plus Video Viewer Glasses FPV Live Feed Discreet For

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Our Price: $199.99

Manufacturer: RageCams
Model: rc-h3vgl

Features and Description
PMV-1010u Myvu solo plus glasses with composite video cable to use as Video Viewer monitor FPV Live Feed Discreet POV For Gopro HD Hero3+Black Camera

 RageCams Exclusive
1- USB Angled Video output cable for the gopro hd hero3+ Black Camera with rca composite video female end for live feed to the video glasses/monitor or any lcd that has a input for analog in.

1- New MYVU Video viewer glasses monitor LCD with new battery installed 84" TV display

  • Features patented SolidOptex technology - exclusively from Myvu - for high quality optics in a durable, lightweight design.
  • QVGA quality delivers 320 X 240 resolution.
  • Watch video yet keep your peripheral vision
  • Super sound with noise reduction from included stereo earphones.
  • USB-rechargeable battery lasts up to 4 hrs of viewing, USB charge cable included.
  • Handheld pendant control for contrast and brightness.

1- Car charger
1- Wall plug
1- USB charger cable
1- USB video out cable
1- Composite video in cable
1- Travel carry case zip up hard pouch to store the kit in
Best of all it comes with the 1 year RageCams warranty

Both eyes light up a great live feed & have adjustable Brightness/Contrast.
Great for outdoor use on those bright sunny days when you want a live feed to aim your camera & monitor in real time.
NOTE: You can easily snip off the earphones on these glasses if you don't want the extra 2 wires hanging down.

Easily look right over the top of the glasses to see beyond the internal lcd screens.
please note:
If the sun is shining directly in your face you should wear a baseball cap and tilt it down so you can see even better with these.

This idea was created by us for a customer who wanted to tape his son's football game from the stands using one of our zoom lenses & being able to see what he was recording in the bright daylight.
Very impressive configuration we have come up with here for always going the extra mile for our customers.
Battery life of the glasses is almost 4hrs run time.
Its recommended to use the gopro naked in a frame or a skeleton housing so you can access the usb video port.
You can also drill a hole in your waterproof case if you want.
the video cable is 7ft long total.
Need to make this wireless?
We also offer a solution so you dont have to have a wire attached to you if that's a requirement, Just ask.
Please note: This is not a HD feed.
And we can also offer this for hero1 & hero2

Directions for these Myvu viewers: Be sure you use the red video cable end & plug it into a working composite analog video output device to see if your getting signal in the glasses, the light must be solid blue to confirm they are charged & getting video signal. Charging is a slow flashing yellow light on the pendant, A fast flashing yellow light means that the charger is not working correctly & should be discarded or recycled. We can mail you replacements if this happens in a 3 month period. You need to charge the battery from the wall plug for 4hrs atleast to fully charge it, this is why we give away free ragecams chargers to help you have multiple charging options. Important note: The myvu has been very popular to users because of the large screen size display & comfortable fit. It is literally impossible to find these days working brand new right out of the box. Because the battery is totally fried & unusable. We has a battery developed for this model & we open up the pendant & re install a new longer life battery since all these myvu glasses when we purchased them brand new sealed had bad non charging batteries from being in storage for years & never were charged to make it alive. We replace the battery for you & also give you 2 free high current fast charging car/ac wall heads, instead of using the usb port on a computer which is not the same charging power. Before use: You need to charge the battery from the wall plug for 4hrs atleast to fully charge it, this is why we give away free ragecams chargers to help you have multiple charging options.

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