DJI Phantom3 Modified W/Interchangeable Zoom Flat Lenses

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Our Price: $1,479.99

Manufacturer: RageCams
Model: rc-ph3mod

Features and Description

Modified Phantom3 Camera Drone with 5.4mm flat lens & 12mm Zoom lens pre-focused & mated to the camera so you can interchange the lenses on the fly easily & quickly. Includes a slip on nd100 filter & lens cap protector also.

Have a phantom3 already? We can mod yours for lens change.

The 5.4mm rectilinear flat lens was designed for a little tighter view than the stock lens, & has better color, sharper quality, & will not have not warped edges in photos or videos

Stock lens is not included as the mod does not allow it to fit anymore.

You could also ask to have this shipped with our 16mm or 25mm for inspection purposes. Pick 2 lenses to meet your needs. Other lenses can be purchased also and mated to your specific camera so you can change them out on the fly. lens weight & slip on filters will not affect the gimbal performance.

Need to fly at night or in low light? We have infrared mods & illuminators also available.

Please ask if you need advice as we are here to help & know more about this technology than any other company in the world as far as i know!!!

Below shows a night time low light flight with our IR lens.

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