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HD Surgery Dental Head Cam Loupe Camera Recording System DVR


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5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!), Tuesday September 16, 2014

by George Welch

I bought this camera for use on duty. After being called "ROBO COP" or "BORG" a few times other officers were fine with it. The first day I wore this on duty I was able to video the search and apprehension for a burglar from my POV (point of view). The quality was good and sound was better than some other cameras I have used. I would recommend this to any street officer. The night vision lens works really well but you will still need some type of light source. a 940 nM infra red light would work best for the video recording but a good flashlight will get the job done.

Sgt. George Welch
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Oskaloosa, KS

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