Bullet Cam Mounting Kit (Our Most Popular Mounts)

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Model: SC-BCMK

Features and Description
Our most popular mounting kit will help you mount your bullet cam to anything. Our Cam Clips can be screwed down or placed on any surface, while the nylon sleeve with double sided velcro can be mounted anywhere. The O-Clamps and Mounting Pads adhesive base make it very secure and easy to mount. When using the O-Clamps or Mounting Pads, also make sure to use the included rubber bands around the camera, then clip or ziptie into place, to provide an even extra tight grip and prevent the camera from rotating.

1 - Nylon Sleeve w/ Double Sided Velcro
2 - Cam Clips
2 - O-Clamps
4 - Self-Adhesive Mounting Pads & 8 Zip Ties

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