GoPro HD 1080P Camera Lens Change Guide

Model: GoPro-New-Lenses

Features and Description

GoPro HD 1080P Lens Change Instructions:

Kit Includes: (1) Lens (1) Phillips Screwdriver (per order) (1) Rubber Grip Sleeve (1) Foam O-Ring to insert between the lens and camera

Disclaimer: Performing this lens change may damage your camera if you’re not extremely careful. Please follow these instructions very carefully as we will not be liable for any damages that occur during this procedure.

Before you get started: When you are removing the original wide angle stock GoPro HD lens you will need to do this in a well lighted area to keep track of the 7 screws and 2 buttons that can easily get lost.

First you need to activate the live video output function on the GoPro HD to a TV or monitor using the 2.5mm to 3 way red yellow and white cable (the yellow is for composite video) that came with your GoPro HD camera. You can also use the blue green red for HDMI out as well. This will allow you to properly focus the new lens.

Installation: Using the small Phillips screwdriver, remove the 7 screws located in the battery compartment, then 1 other screw located inside by the circuit board right next to the USB port. This will allow you to remove the front cover. Now use a hair dryer to heat up the shaft around the stock lens to loosen the glue seal that was originally put on there, takes about 10 - 15 seconds of heating, and will not harm the original lens. Apply a a drop of Goo Be Gone around the lens shaft, as this will help remove the glue grip. Insert the included rubber sleeve around the front metal ring around the lens and use pliers to grip it so it cannot scratch the original lens.

Tip: It’s best to over tighten the lens a little first to help break the glue seal then twist counter-clockwise to unthread the seal. It’s not that difficult and should come out very easy once the seal is broken.

Now carefully twist out the lens. After you remove the stock lens, carefully thread in the new lens evenly, as it should thread in very smooth with a little force needed, if you start to notice its off threading, or need to use maximum force to thread it in, then stop and twist it back out. It’s best to back thread it first, so it you can see it going in straight and even. You may also want to coat the new lens threads with Vaseline to aid it.

Do NOT force it in or you could ruin the threads in the camera shaft

Once you are threading it in evenly, then you can macro focus the lens by looking at the monitor with a battery inserted to power it on. Please be careful that the top function button & front function button do not get lost in the process.

Assemble the GoPro HD back together and use the foam O-ring that we include (depending on lens selection) so that it fits around the lens to hide the circuit board.

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