Helmet Camera Kit Buying Guide - Which RECORDER is right for me?

Features and Description
All of our recorders, otherwise known as DVR's (Digital Video Recorders) have audio/video inputs, which allow all our cameras to hook up directly to them. There are many differences between all of them, but the four most important ones to be concerned with are...

1. Type of activity planning to record?
2. What is the max resolution of the DVR?
3. How much video will it store?
4. Additional DVR options?
- Is there a on/off remote available?
- Can the DVR power the camera as well?
- Is the battery swappable?

Depending on the type of activity that you plan to do, should also determine the type of recorder that you purchase. Shock, vibration, jarring, and other harsh conditions may cause hard drive recorders to freeze up. If you plan to record in these extreme conditions, we recommend using our SD card recorders. MiniDV has also been successful in filming in these conditions, however MiniDV recorders do have moving parts, unlike the SD card recorders.

The higher the resolution the better the quality recording. Almost all of our DVR's record at least 640X480 resolution, however our PV Series can record up to 720X480 and even in HD with the PV1000.

You can usually expect to record about 1HR per 1GB at maximum recording resolution. Most of our hard drive based recorders have at least 30GB's of space so that you can store a ton of video. Keep in mind that you can also use additional SD or CF cards in most of these units to extend your recording time or simply swap them out when they become full.

DVR Options:
Our PV series DVR's & our brand new MiniDV5 and Cambox are the only DVR's that have an optional remote that will allow you to power the unit on & off and to also start & stop your recordings. These DVR's can also power our 12V Stuntcams, thus eliminating the need for an additional battery pack to power the camera and the microphone. Most other DVR's are less expensive, however if you are looking to eliminate the additional battery pack for the camera and would like a remote, then these DVRs should be your choice.

Coming Soon - Reviews of all of our recorders!
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