Micro SD Camera (The Perfect Hunting Camera!)

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Features and Description
This BRAND NEW Micro SD Camera is so small, about the size of a pack of gum, and easy to use, making it the most versatile high resolution camera ever!

The Micro SD Camera records high resolution @ 25fps via its internal pin hole type camera. Plug the Micro SD Camera into your computer via the USB cable and instantly watch your video and audio recordings or simply remove the Micro SD Card and plug it into any card reader to watch your videos! It also comes with a headband holder and nylon sleeve that the DVR slips easily into making it very easy to wear in the headband or on the bill of your hat! Please note this camera is not a wide angle type camera like the ATC2K or 3K.

Q: What are the main differences between this camera and the ATC2K/3K?
A: The Field of View (FOV) of the ATC3K is 48 degrees while the ATC2K is 42 degrees. Hence, the ATC3K can capture a broader (wider) view when comparing it with the ATC2K. However, what both of these cameras don't have is a closeup or zoom type of view. The ATC2K/3K also has a standard wide angle lens, which will never bring your target closer to you in your video, while the Micro SD Camera is focused perfectly for hunters who want that close up type of view! The FOV of this camera is much more narrow also, 64.4 degrees, to be exact. This camera is also 5X smaller and lighter than the ATC, making it perfect for hunters or RC enthusiasts who are trying to capture their excursions with a wireless audio and video recorder!

Package Includes:
Nylon Sleeve with double sided velcro (Great to mount directly on top or bottom of your RC vehicle or directly on the bill of your hat!)
Headband Holder
Tilt & Swivel Mount
USB Cable (to recharge the DVR and to transfer files)
2GB Micro SD Card - Now Included! (Note: Only certain brands will work with this DVR - The latest model has an upgraded video sensor that improves the quality of the footage, however the max recording time per SD card is limited to 1 hour per card)

Field of View: 64.4 degrees (Approximately a 6.5MM Lens)
Video Format: AVI
Frame Rate: 25fps
Video Resolution: 640*480 (HIGH PIXEL) @25FPS
320*240 (LOW PIXEL)
Video File Size: About 40MB/minute(HIGH PIXEL)
About 10MB/minute(LOW PIXEL)
Audio: Yes
PC Camera Pixels: 1.3 mega pixels
Micro SD Card Support: 256MB to 2GB
Battery: Internal - 390MAH Lithium-ion battery (Lasts approximately 1:20 while in Record Mode)
Consumption Current: 110mA
Operating Temperature: 0 – 65 C / 32 – 149 F
Dimensions: 65*29.3*12.5 mm
Weight: 26g

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