Panasonic HX-A500 Surgical Dental 4x Zoom Telephoto Surgery Cam

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Our Price: $1,179.99

Manufacturer: RageCams
Model: rc-hxa500/sm

Features and Description

After careful modification we have successfully modded the hxa500 camera for interchangeable lenses with much more focal length possibilities from long range zoom to macro focus. Since this is a specialty mod, we suggest that you contact us before ordering to confirm what you intend to use this for so we can offer our expert advice to you.

This mod allows our new improved 25MM tele-photo lens with f8.0 for increased expanded depth of view to be used, & looks stunning in 4k.

This pkg deal includes the 25mm or 1 lens of your choice at the bottom of this thread.

Additional lenses can be purchased as needed.

16mm and 25mm recommended for surgery or if mounting it to an overhead light we recommend the 35, 50 or new 70mm.

Light mount not included in this deal but you can choose either the light mount arm clamp or the head strap, when you order

We also include a 2" piece of velcro so you can attach the recorder part right to the back of the headstrap for easy wire management. We recommend using an ipad in the room also to set up proper camera focus and start-stop recording, while viewing a live feed. It can focus from 1" and also to infinity by manually threading it in & out giving ultras crisp resolution.

If you are just looking for a 8mm zoom lens that threads in & still want to use the stock lens, we offer that pkg also which does not require this special mod.

Thread the lens in until focus is perfect and then you can mark the top of the lens with a sharpie to always confirm your perfect working distance.

Get the perfect results needed & have the ability to interchange lenses with perfect threads & will not ever cross thread as long as you do not force the lens in the threads.

The threads are lubricated with silicone grease to allow easy threading in & out.

The trick is to start turning the lens in gently counterclockwise until you feel a click confirming the lens has seated correctly in the threads, then slowly turn the lens clockwise to confirm its threading in straight.

You can then manually focus the lens from close up macro to long range infinity.

This mod was very tricky to preform & is not offered anywhere else. Its not something you the customer can do yourself either, & we do not offer a how to mod this camera video.

We have a full list of compatible lenses below, & the higher the # the more zoom the lens will show.

1.19mm ultra fish eye widest angle available panoramic full circle

1.39mm ultra fish eye panoramic view

3.8mm wide angle

5.4mm 4k 10mp flat lens

6mm semi wide

8mm 8mp 4k flat lens

12mm flat lens zoom

16mm flat lens extreme zoom

25mm, 35mm, 50mm, & 70mm

Light mount not included in this deal but you can choose either the light mount arm clamp or the headstrap.


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