DJI Phantom3/Phantom4 Tele-Photo Flat Zoom Lens 16mm

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Our Price: $329.99

Manufacturer: RageCams
Model: rc-p3416m

Available Options:

Features and Description

This high quality 16mm lens kit is also available in 5.4mm, 8mm, 12mm, 25mm, & 35mm.

Gopro & dji use the same chipsets in their cameras also.

Also inquire about our night vision search and rescue & police surveillance solutions.

The reason you would want this kit is for inspections of roofs, structures, & other objects that you cannot fly to close to & need great detail. This solution is only offered by RageCams, & all situations are different so we suggest contacting us to make sure you get exactly what is going to fit your needs. The kit includes a press on lens ring with focus rings and focus holding parts to make this a perfect fit and hold.

See our night vision illuminator examples below that we can assist you on with your gopro phantom or inspire1.

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