Teye Mini Dash Camera with GPS Motion Sensor (Google Maps)

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Model: ADR1000

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Features and Description

The T-Eye ADR1000 Mini Dash Camera with GPS Motion Sensor is an intelligent video recording system, using a state of the art CMOS based 143 degree solid state video system.

The ADR1000 is a single camera that system that offers GPS enhanced video recording. Capable of detecting a collision and sudden acceleration or braking conditions using a 3 axis accelerometer. It records compressed MPEG4 video data at an amazing 15 frames per second at full VGA resolution of 640 x 480. The GPS system continually logs vehicle speed, trajectory and location co-ordinates.

Includes Windows PC software to view GPS data and video files simultaneously. Applications for this Drive Recorder are limitless including; racing drivers, rally cars, police and security services, rental and hire car monitoring, taxi driver security, truck fleet monitoring, accident investigation, public transportation vehicles, keeping tabs on your kids when they drive your car or just for fun!

The recorder provides 1, 2 or 3 minute footage before an event or accident, and 1 minutes afterwards. Now with real time Google Maps correlation. Supplied standard with 8G SD memory for up to 60-90 minutes of recording depending on recording resolution(up to 8/16G memory cards).

The Teye drive recorder is used to record video and audio data in a continuous first in first out loop fashion. If the vehicle is involved in an accident such as a collision, impact and sudden acceleration, related incident, this data is marked and stored onto the SD card. One may thereafter analyze the data to find its root cause by playing back the scenes of interest and where acceleration, vehicle speed, direction, and location are available for review.

Great for:

  • Driver training and education, plus debriefing of driver training
  • Public transport safety, taxi, buses, trucks, trains etc
  • Police and security services
  • Fleet management
  • Occupational health and safety monitoring
  • Keeping an eye on children that drive your car
  • Management and minimization of risk and insurance costs
  • Race, rally and drag cars etc
  • Now includes Google Map real time correlation to your videos
  • Fight an incorrect speeding fine with full video and GPS based evidence

Continuous recording

The video and audio data is continuously recorded while power on. When the capacity of the SD card has been reached, the older files are overwritten by the latest file.

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Pre and post event recording
When impact or unusual acceleration or deceleration is detected by the built-in G-Sensor and has exceeded the preset limit or one activates the emergency record button, the recorded video data is locked-in and is erased only by an authorized party. Event data records 1 minute before and 1mintes after. (User may set pre-event time 1 minute, 2 minutes or 3 minutes). Stored event recording data in SD card will not be erased unless user cancels the event (in-car), or the files are erased by the person reviewing the SD card.

Playback of video/audio data
The recorded data can be played back using the provided playback software which is found on the SD card. The record resolution is 640x480. Maximum 20 frames per second for each channels. (Max 20 fps @ VGA)

Data Analysis
The recorded data can be easily analyzed for speed, vehicle location and direction of travel including impact by using the Teye player that is found on conveniently on the supplied SD card.

Validate that driving procedures have been adhered to
System records the last hour of road traffic and abnormal acceleration,or deceleration.

Save video of unusual driving habits
Internal accelerometer marks the last minute before the rapid change in driving pattern and continues to record for another minute after the incident detection.

Record speed and position
Built-in GPS marks location as well as vehicle speed video.

Mark any driver noticed events
Manual push button allows drivers to record 1 minute before button activation after of any observed incidents that need to be flagged or saved for review.

Easy to install & easy to operate
Great for parents of young drivers to review driving habits.


  • Built-in Camera: 1(1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor), Angle of View: 143ยบ
  • Compression: MPEG4
  • Resolution: VGA (640 x 480)
  • Frame Rate: 15 frame/sec (Not adjustable)
  • Video Quality: 3 level adjustment (high, standard, normal)
  • Audio: 8K 16Bit mono PCM (1ch) (in/out full-duplex)
  • GPS: Built-in
  • G-Sensor: Built in G-SENSOR Module
  • Recording Type: Contitnuous recording, Event
  • Interface: Key, LED Display
  • Storage: Micro SD(Max. 16GB)
  • Power: (cigarette light power: DC 12V~24V)


  • Cigarette Jack Power Supply
  • Fuse
  • User Manual
  • 8GB SD Card
  • External Alarm Button
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