UpBlink Time Lapse Controller for GoPro Hero5

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Our Price: $499.99

Model: CD-180278

Features and Description
Time Lapse controller for GoPro HERO5 With image Upload to CloudX Pro. Web-app, low power & WiFi connectivity brings: Easy to use, 4K time lapse for less! Quick & Easy Set-Up Get UpBlink up and running in less than 2 minutes. Typically used with the Outdoor Enclosures to also house extra battery packs. Simple Configuration for Complete Control Intuitive web interface makes scheduling UpBlink a breeze. Customize a daily or weekly schedule to program up to 4 separate schedules for time lapse using photo, day, night, burst or video modes. Set flexible cloud upload schedules Low Power Consumption UpBlink powers your GoPro camera down between intervals, increasing the battery life significantly and giving you the ability to undertake long term time lapse sequences. CloudX Image Upload and Email Notifications Using CloudX, receive an e-mail every day to confirm your system is still operating and provide peace of mind your system is working. how many shots were taken since the last e-mail what is the battery status what is the SD card status Set a cloud upload schedule Upload via a local WiFi network or via an external compatible hotspot plugged into the USB-A port of UpBlink. Upload all images or flexible upload options to conserve bandwidth including: Lower resolution uploads Latest image only No Camera Firmware Update Required UpBlink doesn’t require any special camera firmware update. Just ensure your HERO5 Black camera is up to date with the latest firmware from the GoPro website or through the GoPro App for iOS and Android. Motion Detection (coming soon) Motion detection schedules can be programmed to only be active only during certain times of day to avoid capturing unneeded footage and conserve power. Motion detection can be used independently and simultaneously with time lapse schedules. Long Term Time Lapse Couple UpBlink with the SolarX or DryX for long term time lapse solutions. Features of UpBlink Here are all the advantages of UpBlink: Compatible with GoPro HERO5 Black (HERO6 and HERO7 Black compatibility coming soon!) Camera WiFi Control (for manual download of footage or aligning setup through GoPro app) Time and Date Scheduling (Allows camera to be set up before a project starts without consuming power to capture unneeded footage or adjusting interval times between set dates) On board Real Time Clock (Holds date/time if left unpowered for up to 2 years) Upload images to the CloudX Pro time lapse platform (via wifi or external USB modem) Improved user interface (web based setup on your device) Universal strap mount (allows for mounting in multiple ways) All the power of Blink and BlinkX but with the power of upload! Use UpBlink to achieve long term time lapse and/or motion detection (coming soon) for your next project. Just plug it into your GoPro and use the UpBlink app to connect and configure separate schedules (including email scheduling) using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or any WiFi enabled device which has a web browser (app connection is directly with UpBlink so no cell service or internet connection required). For more information, see the Quick Start Guide and User Manual. A WiFi network with internet access is only required if you would like to use the optional Blink Email feature to provide daily status updates straight to your inbox.
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